A Conversation about Medication and Trauma Treatment

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Treating trauma can be complex and many times it takes several systems working together to wrap around the client in a way that feels supportive. 

Over the years, I have learned to be effective in my work I have to have a number of referrals that provide a range of services.  One referral source that I find invaluable is having a good psychiatrist that I can work with. 

I don’t know as much as I would like about medication and how it can help treat trauma, so one of my goals has been to explore this topic more. This week I decided to bring you along on my journey where I discuss with Dr. Neelima Kunam, a psychiatrist.

In this week’s vlog, we discuss the most commonly prescribed medications for trauma-related disorders, we talk about what are some important things therapist can assess for on a weekly basis related to medication, information that might be helpful in providing to the psychiatrist, and what to look for in a good psychiatrist as you are building your referral network.

Join me at the link below as I chat with Dr. Kunam.

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