Challenging Your Mindset Around Growing Your Trauma Treatment Skills

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No matter what you are doing there is always a mindset that needs to be challenged or at the least shifted a little to the right or left.  Think about it…when it comes to your finances, fitness, spiritual journey, etc. there is always something that needs tweaking.  Why would your growth and development in your trauma treatment skills be any different? 

This week’s vlog is the first installment in a month-long series on looking at what it takes to be the best trauma treatment professional you can possibly be.  In this vlog, I will be helping you recognize your mindset related to your trauma treatment skills. I will also help you challenge any negative thought patterns or beliefs that are not helping you to reach your highest potential.

In this vlog, I discuss common misleading mindsets and practices you can use to help develop the mindset that you want.  You may be wondering why this is important.  Well, I am a firm believer in the concept that it is hard to for us to help others prioritize themselves when we haven’t taken the time to do it for ourselves.  Let’s make sure we have the right order to grow and develop in the way we want as it relates to our trauma treatment skills.

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