Creative Ways to Finance Trauma Training

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Unfortunately niching in trauma therapy can sometimes come with a large price tag.   Trying to figure out how to finance training to continue growing in your skill set can be overwhelming.  Considering some creative ways to pay for training can be just the morale boost you needed to continue moving forward in your niche journey.  Don’t give up if finances are tight.  I truly believe where there is a will there is a way.

My father is an entrepreneur and I spent many summer days working for him and riding around with him watching him make money.  I like to say I inherited my work ethic from him, but my mother was no slouch as well.  She made a number of our things by hand at her sewing machine.  Either way, I learned how to hustle to get to where I wanted to be.  I have defiantly relied on my work ethic to get the trauma training I wanted throughout my niching journey.  I have volunteered at conferences, I have saved a little each month, and I have sold countless things to get the money I needed to meet the goal I had set for myself.   I am a firm believer in having a professional development fund that I am consistently contributing to each month.  I will share a little about the creative ways I have used to pay for trauma training over the years.

A Couple of Creative Ways

A little creativity will take you a long way.  It would be great to have an endless amount of money to pay for training, but we don’t all have it like that, yet.  Until I reach that place, here are some ways I continually add to my professional development fund, get reduced rates, and free training:

  1. Volunteering at a Conference or Training: Some training and conferences provide a reduced rate or free attendance for their volunteers. I will warn you this can be tricky based on your task and if you will miss a portion of the training or be overwhelmed at the training performing duties and trying to learn.  So be careful with this option.
  2. Training Money for Gifts: If you are one who gets gifts for holidays such as birthday, Christmas, etc., ask family members and love ones to give you money and or a gift certificate towards your training. Most family members and loved ones would love to see you reach your goals professionally. This is a lovely way for them to support you.
  3. Yard and/or Online Sale: I have a bin in my home that we place things in throughout the year that we no longer need, want, or can fit. At least once a year I go through it and either decide to have a yard sale (when I was in Virginia I use to try to participate in the 100 Mile Long Yard Sale each year) or post pictures to sell on an online site. All the proceeds or a portion is immediately deposited into my professional development fund.
  4. Payment Plans and Scholarships: A lot of times we do not have what we need because we do not ask for what we need. Some training and credential programs have payment plans and scholarships. Check with the registration department to see what options are available.

In Conclusion

Trauma therapy training and credentials can be expensive, but we must never stop growing.  Figuring out creative ways to finance training is one way to overcome the difficulties we can face.  Consider volunteering, having family and loved ones give you money towards training for holiday gifts, and/or throwing a yard sale once a year with the proceeds going towards a professional development opportunity.  Being creative and thinking outside the box is sometimes needed along this niching journey.

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What are some creative ways you have funded training in the past?

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