When the Therapist is Triggered in Session

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As a therapist, being triggered in session can be very unsettling the first time it happens…typically no one has prepared you for the moment when you find yourself in fight, flight, or freeze in session as the therapist. 

Well guess what…it is totally normal, and the first time probably won’t be the last time it happens. We are human just like our clients, and we are triggered just like our clients, and one more thing…we can’t predict when or where it will happen, just like our clients.

I hope this vlog at least normalizes it for you and if it hasn’t happened yet, I hope this vlog helps prepare you for that moment.

My disclaimer in all of this is that I am in no way saying it is okay for us to find ourselves in a triggered state over and over again.  That is cause for alarm and I will share some suggestions on what to do if it’s a frequent occurrence.

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