How to Work with Children and Families in Trauma Treatment

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Trauma, like other medical and mental illness, doesn’t discriminate.  It does not know race, age, gender, class, etc.  Trauma has been traced back before a person’s conception, which is called transgenerational trauma.  Trauma can truly affect anyone, so we must understand how to treat children and families who are struggling with the effects of trauma.

There are many different ways to approach children and families, but the way that I have found that works best is to work from an attachment lens.  The reason I like to incorporate attachment-based interventions into my work is that it helps children and families establish a sense of safety with myself, as the treatment professionals, with each other and their larger world.  Attachment-based interventions are great ways to help clients develop safety within relationships.

In this week’s vlog, I share about attachment theory, how I conceptualize it in my trauma treatment process with children and families, and I also share some interventions I use to help clients move towards healing as a family unit.

Check out this week’s vlog below.

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