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Trauma Treatment Collective Network

A membership group dedicated to support, connection and education focused on trauma treatment. 

Treating trauma is hard work, and having the support and guidance you need can be invaluable.  It is easy to get lost in the weeds and feel overwhelmed as you try to meet the needs of your caseload.  Imagine having the support, confidence, and knowledge to navigate any client issue you are faced with.

This membership group is dedicated to helping you develop the skills and knowledge while also helping you engage in meaningful self-care that ensures you are able to practice in the trauma field as long as desire.

The membership experience is made up of a private Facebook Group where you area able to interact directly with Nina and one another, reminder emails to ensure you don't miss any of the happenings, and once a week connection in the form of a mini training, group consult, self-care activity, or Q&A time.

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 Price: $35.00/month

Here's what you can expect...

All meetings will be held via video conferencing.  All meetings, expect group consults, are recorded and archived for later viewing.

Week  One - Monday 7pm EST

Mini Training

Participate in a one-hour masterclass on a trauma-related topic.  You will have the ability to ask questions and gain skills and knowledge that can be used immediately in your practice.

Week  Two - Sunday 7pm EST

Group Consult

Participate in a group consults where you can gain insight and feedback on cases.  Also have an opportunity to discuss self of the therapist issues in a safe setting.

Week Three - Monday 7pm EST

Self-care Activity 

Participate in a curated self-care activity designed to help you explore new ways or re-engage in old ways of nurturing oneself.  Some examples, might be a group mindful nature walk, guided meditation, yoga, arts and crafts, etc. 

Week Four - Sunday 7pm EST

All Things Trauma Related Mastermind

Participate in a group discussion related to all things trauma.   There are no questions off limits during this time, as long as they are related to trauma treatment.  Come and glean knowledge and wisdom from the collective that will help you reach your goals in your practice, self-care journey, business, etc. 

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Price: $35/month




“As a result of joining the membership, I have gained knowledge that is immediately applicable to my client load, my confidence has increased, I am more in-tune with my clients, and I feel supported and safe in the community to be vulnerable and grow.”


“I found that Nina clearly articulated what I do in my work, and the purpose and need for each step. She helped fill in the gaps in my knowledge and build my confidence and connection to like-minded practitioners.”


“As a result of joining the membership, I feel more comfortable about moving forward in a niche, I am more confident in working with clients, and I am developing relationships.”