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Becoming A Trauma Treatment Professional

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Deciding on a specialization is hard work all by itself.  Once you have identified your niche figuring out what to do next can feel like another hurdle to cross.  Luckily, I have successfully spent the last 15 years making trauma treatment my niche and I want to share a tried and true roadmap for your to follow on your journey.

Explore the Following Topics

  • Best training and credentials for you
  • Specific populations within trauma treatment
  • Ways to build community within the trauma field
  • Components of a well developed self-care plan and healthy boundaries as a trauma professional
  • How to develop a career plan for the next 3-5 years

Treating Trauma with the Brain and Body in Mind

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Treating trauma is hard work.  This course is designed to help you gain and enhance your skills so that you are successful in providing quality and effective treatment to each of your clients.

Course Objectives:

  1. Gain understanding of the widespread impact of trauma
  2. Develop skills needed to accurately identify and easily educate clients about the impact of trauma on the brain and body
  3. Learn specific brain and body-based interventions to support clients in their healing journey

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