Trauma Treatment Collective

Welcome to the collective. We are a community of mental health professionals around the world treating trauma at varying degrees. We connect in various ways and would love to have you join us. Connect with us in the following ways:


This membership group is dedicated to helping you develop the skills and knowledge needed while also helping you engage in meaningful self-care that ensures you are able to practice in the trauma field as long as desire. Learn more here.


We send out two emails a week announcing the latest video blog (vlog), which could consist of skills training, topic discussions, or guest presentations. The emails also might announce upcoming events, courses, and who can resist a good resource share. Join by sending me your email through the contact us page, which can be found here.


We have an active Facebook Group where we share resources, ask questions, and connect. We have weekly post such as Watch It Wednesday (Facebook Live). These specialty post days are forever changing but always meant to encourage and support you in your trauma treatment journey. Join us HERE.


Find our Instagram @traumatreatmentcollective. We share post and information, as well as connect as a community. You can also follow us on Facebook @LMFTNina and LinkedIn at Nina Keeler.


The collective promotes course to help with professional development. Consider these two options:

Treating Trauma with the Brain and Body in Mind

Becoming A Trauma Therapist