Trauma Treatment Journey Goals and Intentions Setting

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It is the start of a new year and if you are reading this in real-time, what better time than now to set some goals and resolutions for the New Year.  If you are stumbling upon this vlog post later in the year…no worries…if not now, when? You can benefit from this also.

I have found in my trauma treatment journey that the best way to ensure I continue to grow and develop my skills is to be intentional about it.  One of the ways I have been intentional is setting some goals at the beginning of the year and declaring my intentions for how I want the new year to look.

I thought I would bring you along on this journey with me this year.  So, grab the download HERE and let’s work through it together.  At the, end my desire is that you will have some clarity about training, credentials, skills, etc. you want to pursue, how you want to feel at the end of the year as it relates to your trauma treatment journey, and what things you want to pursue more and maybe what things you want to get away from.

Oh, just writing that makes me excited to get started.  Again, grab your download here…and hit play and let’s get our ducks in order for 2020 or whenever you stumble across this vlog;-)!

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