Treating Trauma with the Body and Brain in Mind


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Treating trauma is hard work.  This course is designed to help you gain and enhance your skills so that you are successful in providing quality and effective treatment to each of your clients.

I have been treating trauma across the lifespan for over 15 years.  I am still active in my practice with over 15 to 20 clients per week.  I will share my knowledge and experience with you throughout this course.

Course Objectives:

  1. Gain understanding of the widespread impact of trauma
  2. Develop skills needed to accurately identify and easily educate clients about the impact of trauma on the brain and body
  3. Learn specific brain and body-based interventions to support clients in their healing journey

The course will consist of :

  • 4 weeks of coursework
  • A downloadable lesson guide each week
  • 1 lesson per week released each Monday
  • An ability to work at your own pace
  • Optional access to a pop up Facebook group for enhanced group learning and connection.  Also, I will respond to each post and add bonus material through occasional Facebook lives