Where to Start in Trauma Treatment As a Therapist

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The effects of trauma can be complicated and often times may feel like an overwhelming ball of stuff to clean up.  I often find that clients struggle to keep all the parts of their traumatic experience separated because their thoughts, feelings, and sensations feel like too much, too fast, and too soon.

Clients will often unintentionally overwhelm themselves as they try to sort through their experience and make sense of it all.  For you as the therapist, if you don’t have the skill set needed to navigate this, it can feel just as overwhelming.

You ever walk out of a session not sure if anything was accomplished or worried that you re-traumatized a client?

To avoid these worries the first place we should start in the treatment process is helping clients learn to slow down and develop that “bird’s eye view,” confronting one piece of their trauma at a time.  Good trauma treatment is really processing piece by piece not chunk by chunk.

In this week’s vlog I talk about some ways I help clients slow things down to get that “bird’s eye view” of their experience.  This a lot of times this helps the client feel that they are in control and empowered.

Check out this week’s vlog below.

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