Why Pacing is Everything in Trauma Treatment

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If you were to compare most trauma treatment modalities, you would notice a common theme…the importance of keeping the client in their window of tolerance. The “Window of Tolerance” is a term coined by Dr. Daniel Siegle, which describes the client’s capacity to stay regulated and stable while working with activating memories in the form of sensations, behaviors, movements and/or thoughts. 

It is believed that if a client is not safely “held” in their window of tolerance and taught how to establish and re-establish this regulation for themselves they are greatly at risk of re-traumatization, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or other mental illnesses.  This is why pacing is so important in trauma treatment…it in essence, keeps the client safe as they heal from trauma treatment.

Let’s talk more in-depth about pacing and ways to conceptualize the concept in your treatment, also we will discuss how to determine what is safe enough and how to work with client’s who struggle to maintain a safe pace in their treatment process. 

Check out this week’s vlog below:

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