A Sneak Peek Into Trauma Treatment Part 3

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What’s Self-Care Got To Do With It?

It is easy to look over this topic or to say, “I have already heard this in graduate school”. “Yeah, yeah…self-care I know already”, but I caution you to not be so quick to gloss over self-care when it comes to being a trauma treatment professional.

There may be other types of treatment in the mental health field you can provide and not pay too much attention to self-care, but trauma treatment is not one of those. Thinking that you have mastered it or you have it all figured out is a recipe for disaster. There is always new things to consider or things you can improve upon in the self-care department.

I encourage you to check out this week’s vlog where I share with you my experience after a 7 hour back-to-back 7 session day. The work we do is hard and sometimes the days are long. So what does that mean for us…what does self-care have to do with it?

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