How to Help Clients Understand the Effects of Trauma on the Brain

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Psychoeducation is an essential part of trauma treatment.  A lot of times our clients come into our office feeling like something is wrong with them.   A number of my clients will say they feel “crazy”.  Helping them normalize their behaviors can be helpful to their process in therapy.

One of the most important things I explain is the effects of trauma on the brain.  The brain can be complicated, but in this week’s vlog, I share some tips and tricks on how to explain the brain in a way that clients can understand.  I use a combination of the Triune Brain Model and Dr. Daniel Siegel’s Hand Model.  I also give you some wording you can practice, so the next time you share about the brain with your client you feel confident and ready.

Check it out at the video below. 

Also, grab a freebie that I think might be helpful to have as a visual aid in your office setting.  You can get that here.

For more resources on this topic check out Talking with Clients about the Brain Made Easy blog I wrote a while ago.

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