What is Trauma-Informed Yoga

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I know some therapist refer out to Trauma-Informed Yoga programs or practices and others incorporate it into their practice during the therapy session.  I wanted to help us understand Trauma-Informed Yoga a little better. 

I invited a childhood friend, Tiffany “TJ” Halliday on to the vlog to gain more understanding.  TJ and I have known each other since middle school, we did sleepovers with each other, played sports together all through high school, and TJ is the one I thank for introducing me to camping on our high school graduation night. 

We went our separate ways after high school and recently reunited after over 20 years only to find out that we both have a love and passion for treating trauma.  Who would have known back in the day our paths would cross again?  I am so happy they did, and I am so happy to have her as my first guest on the vlog.

Check out this week’s vlog, where TJ and I have a conversation about Trauma-Informed Yoga and things to consider if you are referring out to a program or if you want to incorporate it into your therapy practice.

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